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An Interesting Meeting Every Week

I've struggled with the right way to use for a while. I don't want to move Startup Adventures onto The social value I get out of my blog exceeds the social + monetary value I would get from a comparable newsletter. Still, I've always been a fan of the exclusive / high-quality content network that is creating. So I decided to do something different with it. I present: The Most Interesting Meeting of the Week. Every weekend, I pick out the single most interesting meeting I had over the previous week and write about it. For this service, I am charging $1.91 per month ($0.48 per interesting meeting!).

Obviously, I won't disclose confidential information, and if a meeting is so filled with confidential information that it would be pointless to feature, I'd pick the second-best. Still, there's a lot of value here. One of the most common questions I hear -- especially from investors -- is seeking information on the most interesting things in the tech/startup community happening right now. Typically, this is deal-related, although my writings won't be exclusively focused there.

This is a social experiment. My end goal is not to make $0.91 per month. Rather, I'm very interested in social capital hacks, a topic I've written on before. Interesting Meeting of the Week (IMOW) is adding some simple game elements to my professional life. Every weekend, someone I have met with over the past week will get the title of "Interesting", which will be communicated to all my newsletter subscribers. Whether this turns out to be a desirable title or not -- and further, whether this changes the dynamics and quality of my meeting requests -- is the experiment. Should be fun. Sign up here and see how it goes.