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It's Keyword Soup Time!

It's now been three months since I started writing Startup Adventures in NYC. Those of you who know me know that I'm an analytics fiend, especially when it comes to search terms. After all, this blog started as 45% outlet for my thoughts and 45% SEO experiment. (The remaining 10% is lulz.) Thus and with limited commentary, I present The Random Shit People Type in to Search Engines to Find This Blog, in order of search frequency and with interesting bits bolded. brad hargreaves bhargreaves hot ny city startups hackers and founders meetup nyc presumed abundance brad hargreaves blog cargo games brad hargreaves girlfriend union or intersection bhargreaves brad hargreaves tipping point tipping point partners nyc startups tipping point nyc buzz fund "brad hargreaves" drink list hacking venture capital nyc startup drink list option value bhargreaves social network density startup events suck points union intersection bhargreaves why vcs write

    "BH: Those who can't do, manage. Those who can't manage, invest. Those who can't invest..."

founder collective llc option value union square startup new york 'brad internet investor manhattan online video game' labapp spam

    "BH: Does not."

adventures outside of new york city bhargreaves ny social graph bhargreaves social graph bourbon startup brad hargeaves tipping point brad hargreaves accredited investors brad hargreaves blog yale brad hargreaves new york cargo cult design entrepreneur events mid size vc funds in new york ny tech meetup nyc startup social option value social network design start-up networks startup adventures in nyc whois andrew cedotal kickstarter or ""indiegogo"" or ""rockethub"" lifestyle business technology success craigs list matt mireles city of founders coders option value, rail paperlesspost newyork times 2010 pivotal labs hire hiring process so a georgian luger goes into a bar... tech company + ""fashion industry"" + ""new york"" 2010 science education in america' @bitly academic education and agile method adventure start up company airplane cargo game arkadium bessemer fund vii size best way to fly to silicon valley from nyc bhargreaves positive externality seed financing big agile development shops pivotal biotechin boxee boxee -listening -watching -""just joined"" -likes brad hargeaves blob brad hargraeves brad hargreaves , labapp brad hargreaves blog startup brad hargreaves chris paik new york startups brad hargreaves death

    "BH: Greatly exaggerated."

brad hargreaves dog brad hargreaves game brad hargreaves labapp brad hargreaves startup brad hargreaves tipping points brad hargreaves venture brad hargreaves yale brad hargreaves, nyc brad hargreeves building software ny city bureaucracy is invevitable to both small and large organization, justfy this statement with relevant factors? buzz ventures car companies in silicon valley cargo cult game design cargo cult gaming charlie o'donnell matt mireless

    "BH: Nick Carlson does this search daily. Always good material."

cheap nyc startup space chris paik city venture commute times to silicon valley controversial stuff cost of ageventure advertising density in social networks density of facebook network density of social network design cargo game dev shop dev-shop devshop devshop out of business diaspora a threat to facebook diaspora facebook differentiation based business model differentiation in marketing disposable reality gawker do you think unions and intersection is used in marketing? drink list new york drink tip nyc drinklist new york drinks for start ups edventures fund equity mutual funds equity-based software development for startups fameball new york startup scene fameballing finance professionals & social graph fund size first round fund size(mm funded companies in ny game game design seo game design startups gaming start up of private equity firms gawker richard go cross campus out gocrosscampus 2010 graphs showing successful entreprenuers hackers hargreaves residence, new york, ny hedge fund accredation requirement hiring in nyc tech and media space homefield nyc funding hotpotato hottest nyc startups hottest start up new york hottest startup in silicon valley 2010 how does diaspora work how does diaspora work? how much further is government techonology how to get a job at a ny startup innovative crm ideas for marketing

    "BH: That search has to be worth at least like $50, right? Maybe I have a new model."

irrin sexy just what is counts media, manhattan, ny? labapp hargreaves lesliecampisi list of drinks list of funded startups in nyc list of startups nyc list of vodka in nyc map companies silicon valley march 2010 interview brad hargreaves matt mireles matt mireles funding matt mireles more conserversal media startup lower east side menu drink at nydc michael segal bessemer most startups city san francisco mutual funds accreditation. network density new cargo games new yokr city seed capital new york new york best drink menu new york city - companies receiving funding new york city latest venture capital funding new york city series a startups new york city venture capital events 2010 new york city venture capital firms new york city venture capital internship new york startup bar hunch etsy new york startup brooklyn or manhattan new york startup drink list new york startup drinks new york startups funded new york subway map superimposed new york tech scene growing up new york themed drink menu new york times nyc start up venture capital new york versus san francisco retail start-up costs ny angels interested in social networking ny consumer internet vc's ny drink 2010 ny fun places 2010 ny industrial venture capital ny startups as drinks ny tech startup events nyc diaspora nyc entrepreneur ""hang out"" nyc media startups nyc restaurant startup costs architect nyc startup nyc startup scene new york ny nyc startup space nyc startups 2010 nyc vc list nyc venture firms nymag tech start up story option value go to startup drinks people who claim to be alison angel and getting money from people pickteams crunchbase pie chart % by development stage company bay area california pinkdingo investors pinkdingo vc private fund accreditation proof that diaspora is legit provide a brief write up why a company should hire you. python powered tech startup rails intersection union rather than intersect? relationship between union and intersection required startup capital nyc bar rre capital new york seed funding is entering the world of philanthropy, and i think it’s a very good thing seven points capital new york ny should i hire a product developer silicon valley company map silicon valley startups newyork silicon valley tech companies map site hargreaves: startup event suck social food venture nyc social media fashion startup social networking new york city speakertext new york startups start up - for him 25 start up networking events new york city start up networks and ny startup adventures startup adventures in ny startup bar growth rates nyc startup companies in nyc since 2005 startup companies nyc event startup development shop startup differentiation startup events bay area free startup funding choices in nyc startup headhunters nyc startup on social graphs startup world startups hire bad manager startups that will train me

    "BH: Ha."

startupspace student start-up tech startup lectures nyc tech startups near penn station nyc the ny startup scene the union into the intersection theme designed by mono-lab there is option value tipping point partners and brad tipping point partners brad tipping point partners brad hargreaves tipping point ventures tippingpointpartners union intersect unions and intersections identify groups unions and intersections online activity vc firms that invest in ny startups venture capital firms in new york city venture capital firms nyc venture capital funding charts & graphs venture capital graphs 2010 venture capital meetups ny venture capital new york venture capital nyc venture capital totals location based social networking venture companies in nyc venture funded startups nyc venture start ups new york city venturefirms webutante ball well funded nyc start ups well funded start ups in the new york area what are the a, c and e trains nyc like at 530 am

    "BH: Have you ever switched trains at Broadway Junction at 5:30 am?" is my new "Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?"

what makes new york start up city where does brad hargreaves live who devshop whois a venture capitalist why does nyc allow building wrap advertisement? wondertonic psychographics working out intersection given union yc start-up list zachary adam cohen the death of the fameball and the evolution of the ny startup scene bhargreaves buzz fund brad hargreaves tipping point venture