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Silicon Valley Moves to New York

If you're living in San Francisco and working in a hot Valley startup or tech company, you probably have a bit of a commute. If you're living in NYC and working in a hot startup in the area, not so much. Unlike those in the Valley, most tech companies in New York are in the city itself. For the entertainment and edification of my northeastern readers, I've created a map that superimposes Valley companies on New York and Connecticut, assuming identical driving times (from midtown Manhattan and downtown San Francisco, respectively) and distance from commuter rail (Caltrain and Metro North's New Haven line, respectively).

To make this more explicit, here are exactly where our Silicon Valley darlings would find themselves:

Adobe: Noroton Heights, Connecticut

Sun Microsystems: north side of Stamford, Connecticut

Apple: North Mianus, Connecticut

Google: North Greenwich, Connecticut

YCombinator: Greenwich, Connecticut

Facebook: Greenwich, Connecticut

Electronic Arts: between Mamaroneck and Eastchester, New York

Oracle: between Mamaroneck and Eastchester, New York

Wikia: Pelham Manor, New York

YouTube: Soundview, Bronx, New York

Zynga: Harlem, Manhattan, New York